Rino Cordella

First prize album of the year ANFM 2015

The beauty of receiving an award lies within the recognition of the success of one’s work and of the passion that was put into it, the emotions it provokes and in the surprises it hides.

Who is ANFM

ANFM is the National Association of Wedding Photographers (ANFM) specialised in photographic services for weddings and private events. The members of the association are carefully selected and sign a professional code of conduct which must be adhered to and which guarantees the wedding couple quality and professionalism on the most important day of their lives. Moreover, during the year, ANFM photographers take part in important training courses. Various competitions serve as a means to illustrate the high quality of workmanship, in which members of the society take part. Among these, the most highly anticipated is the “Album of the Year”.

miglior fotografo di matrimoni

The album contest of the year ANFM 2015

In 2015 I had the pleasure, the satisfaction and the joy of winning the ANFM 2015 Album competition for a wedding shoot which took place in New York, combining both reporting and street style photography.

The competition, the most important of the association, was voted for in a plenary session for the first time in 2015 by the following judges: David Bastianoni, Julian Kanz, Franco Milani, Luigi Rota and Daniele Vertelli.

How does one participate? Each photographer anonymously sends his work to the association,making sure that he meets the specific requirements: format, size, deadlines, etc. There are several criteria which determine the photographer and the winning album:

My winning wedding album, taken in one of the most fascinating cities in the world, is a series of shots that recounts the story of a young couple’s relationship. Their love story. Indeed, because photographing a wedding is always a story in itself. It’s history even before creativity.

Here you can find my interview for ANFM on the occasion of winning the Album of the Year 2015 competition.

Here are some other photos that earned me the prize:
miglior fotografo di matrimoni
miglior fotografo di matrimoni
miglior fotografo di matrimoni