Rino Cordella

The Top 10 Fearless Photographers 2018

I could not feel prouder and more delighted than I do when I say that I am an award-winning photographer. In 2018 I was placed among the top 10 Fearless Photographers of the year, as well as winning another 7 Awards.

Fearless Photography is the organization that rewards the best photographers in the world in different categories including, fun & playful, art & beauty, real moments and fearless. These photography awards are among the most prestigious in the field of photography, and that’s why being in the top ten is so exciting for me.

Not only do I share this recognition with colleagues, who I respect and appreciate like Victor Lax, first, and Fabio Mirulla, second, but also because my winning photos show my passion and understanding of wedding photography.

Receiving such a prestigious award has swung open the doors of opportunity. The recognition of my ability to document subtle emotions in a photograph is a skill and an exciting challenge that gives me more satisfaction that I can express in words.

What’s more, I would like to extend a special ‘thank you’ to the couples, that have allowed me to publish photos of their big days.

These are photographs that earned me the prestigious place in the Top 10 Fearless Photographer of the Year 2018.

What does next year hold? Difficult to predict, it is certain that I will continue working as a documentary style wedding photographer.