Rino Cordella

Francesca and Giuseppe’s wedding on the streets of New York

Wyndham Garden Hotel, USA

As Frank Sinatra declared, it’s “a city that never sleeps”, a theme park full of adventures, a rollercoaster of emotions, that’s New York, one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Francesca has been living there for many years, and it was here that she celebrated her wedding with Giuseppe, accompanied by just a group of photographers.

As if situated on a film set, the photos of this day, in “street photography” style, were taken throughout the streets of New York, where Francesca and Giuseppe celebrated their special “I do” moment and lived emotions that will last an eternity. The emotions of that special day were captured during a succession of unexpected surprises; from the bouquet purchased prior to the ceremony from a street vendor by the hall where Francesca and Giuseppe exchanged their rings to the taxi which took them to the comfort of the Wyndham Garden Hotel where the happy couple got ready for the most important day of their life.

Awarded first place during the Wedding of the Year contest by ANFM in 2015, Francesca and Giuseppe’s wedding album serves as an engaging and intense momento of the spontaneous and pure love felt by both the bride and the groom.





Rino Cordella & Luigi Cordella

Bride & Groom
Francesca & Giuseppe

Wedding Ceremony
New York, USA

Prenuptual Preparations
Wyndham Garden Hotel, USA