Rino Cordella


When I think of photography, I think of a once in a lifetime journey. Photography is the art of portraying experiences in images that capture a lifetime of emotions. It is for this reason that following my job as a producer of documentaries and short films and after my extensive experience as an assistant director in the world of cinema I decided to devote myself to photography.

Born to Southern Italian parents in Brussels on 25th November 1964, I grew up and acquired my skills as a photographer in Belgium. At the age of 21, I married a young Salentine girl and returned to my warm homeland, Puglia to live with her. We now have four children, one of whom, Luigi, assists me in my career and shares my passion for capturing special moments, married couples and unique emotions during the joyous wedding ceremony.



An enthusiast of wedding days and all they entail, I am specialised as a wedding photographer. I decided to devote my skills to capturing one of the most intense and memorable days in ones life, the wedding day, when eyes reveal emotions that words struggle to express, when hands and hearts entwine and when guests share special moments with the ones they love.


The wedding, the build-up, the festivities, warm hugs, kisses and wedding vows are captured in our enchanting images, a photographic story in a photojournalistic style…because every marriage is a unique story that deserves to be told, shared and remembered.