Rino Cordella

To Rome
with Love: Monique & Bryan

A romantic wedding in Rome, that of Monique and Brian. Do you want to discover their special day in the most evocative city in the world?

Francesca and
Giuseppe’s wedding on the streets of New York

As if situated on a film set, the photos of this day, in “street photography” style, were taken throughout the streets of New York, where Francesca and Giuseppe celebrated their special “I do” moment and lived emotions that will last an eternity.

A fairytale
wedding in Puglia

Paul and Charlotte’s fairytale wedding was a dream come true

Jewish ceremony,
olive trees and sea view

Alluring Puglia, a charming and customary tradition, pure love and happiness; all summed up in the exciting photographs of the day when Nicolas and Sonia’s romantic dream came true.

Lecce, bearer
of history and love stories: Katia and Mauro’s wedding

Francesca and Enrico live in London, but chose charming Puglia, Francesca’s birthplace, to experience the most exciting day of their life together.

Paulo and
Ornella’s happily ever after in the heart of Puglia

With its stunning bays, golden beaches and crystal clear sea, Puglia is the ideal destination to celebrate a romantic and charming wedding and to experience emotions that will last forever.

Valentina and
Mijlous wedding in Puglia: timeless charm

Charm, allure and enchantment sum up the wedding of Valentina (from Puglia) and Mijlous (from New York) in Puglia.

California Dreaming
of a Wedding Ceremony in Puglia

Suggestive and magical, a wedding in Puglia is the dream of many Italian and international couples who greatly admire the intimate and intense atmosphere of this destination where nature, history and culture create a harmonious union.

Cristina and
Ari fulfilling their romantic dream in Puglia

Beaming smiles, tears of emotion, beating hearts and the exchange of knowing glances are the romantic themes of the images which recount the love story between Ari and Cristina

The sweet
notes of love play in Puglia

Marco and Miisha, with their territorially distant yet decidedly similar cultures, Salento and Jamaican, united by passion, enthusiasm and the joy of living, celebrated their happily ever after in Puglia.

Frank and
Roberta’s romantic countryside wedding in Puglia

A love story that intertwines with that of a passionate territory, Salento, with its ardent and engaging lifestyle, the romantic colours of the earth, the alluring perfumes, the charm of tradition and the enchantment of the sea.