Rino Cordella

The sweet notes of love play in Puglia

Marco and Miisha, with their territorially distant yet decidedly similar cultures, Salento and Jamaican, united by passion, enthusiasm and the joy of living, celebrated their happily ever after in Puglia.
The Ex Sant’Anna Conservatory, in Lecce, in the heart of Salento, was privy to the intense emotions that Marco and Miisha experienced on their wedding day, celebrated in the historic courtyard, in the shade of its captivating ancient fig tree.

Hosting the happy festivities and blaring out Jamaican and Salento music was Masseria Terra dei Padri, in Campi Salentina, in the province of Lecce, a historic estate located in the heart of Salento, surrounded by olive trees and vineyards reaching as far as the eye can see, a place where the passionate culture of Puglia meets the wonder of unspoilt nature.
The images of Marco and Miisha’s wedding in Puglia vibrate with the sound of passion, the rhythms of the joy of life and the sweet notes of love.

Bride & groom
Miisha & Marco
Origin of wedding couple
Jamaica and Lecce
Wedding Ceremony
Ex Sant’Anna Conservatory, Lecce, in Puglia
Wedding Reception
Masseria Terra dei Padri, Campi Salentina (Lecce), in Puglia
Rino & Luigi Cordella
Flower arrangement
Rollo Fiori
Wedding Ceremony
Ex Sant’Anna Conservatory
Wedding Reception
Masseria Terra dei Padri